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G&K Estates provides a Property Management & Maintenance Service to landlords wishing to let out their property as well as a unique Property Find Service to source suitable Properties for Investor Landlords

We pride ourselves on a highly professional service with low commission.

We are selective about the Properties we take on and the Tenants we put in them. From experience this avoids many of the problems  normally associated with letting.

We Undertake To:

  • advise on suitable properties to purchase and likely rental income. 
  • advise on all practical aspects of letting out your Home or Investment.
     (This includes gas, electrical, and soft furnishings safety regulations).     
  • provide full colour advertising ~ locally in the East Anglian Daily Times, by updated lettings list available in our offices, 24 hours—7 days a week, as well as nationally and internationally on our website http://www.gkl.co.uk/ and on http://www.rightmove.co.uk/ 
  • accompany potential applicants on viewings 
  • carry out full referencing on all tenants including past credit history.  
  • carry out full referencing on Guarantors. 
  • prepare Tenancy Agreements, Guarantor Agreements and associated notices. 
  • take photo inventories.  
  • carry out property inspections with reports to Landlords. 
  • Collect Monthly Rentals.  
  • arrange quotes and necessary works. 
  • take Digital colour pictures. 
  • provide information relating to Rent & Legal protection and Buildings &   Contents insurance, if needed.


What’s different about us?

We will monitor the market place for suitable rental properties for your budget, and recommend which property you should buy to maximise your investment, minimise your maintenance and create capital growth.

We do not charge excessive administration fees for landlords or tenants and we offer reduced commission rates for landlords with property portfolios.


Source to Let

If you are investing to generate an income and gain capital growth, buying a property in the right place is imperative. If  the property is in the wrong location, it won’t be attractive to tenants, won’t create a top rental and won’t re-sell quickly.

We can help you find, purchase, assign referenced tenants and manage your property from start to finish.

We have a wide knowledge of the local market and are confident we can find the right investment for you.

We have three levels of service that we are able to offer:

The Deben (Full Management Service)
The Orwell (Tenant Find Service)
The Stour (Tenant Introduction)



Full Management Service includes:

  • Advising as to the likely rental income. 
  • Advertising and generally marketing the property. 
  • Interviewing prospective tenants and taking up full references including bank, employer, previous landlord and character references. When necessary, additional security would be requested by means of a guarantor. In the case of a company, a full bank reference would be taken. 
  • Preparing the Tenancy Agreement and corresponding Notice necessary for the Landlord to gain protection of the relevant Housing Acts.
  • Renewing the Agreement where  necessary at the end of the term. 
  • To liase with the Landlord’s mortgagees where necessary with regard to references and the Tenancy Agreement. 
  • Collecting the rent monthly and paying over to the Landlord (Normally sent within one calendar month), and calendar monthly thereafter less any fees or expenses due or incurred for that period. Payments are made directly to the Landlords or preferred bank, along with a detailed rent statement. 
  • Advising utility companies for meter readings (principally electricity and gas) and then advising them of the transfer of service contracts to the tenant at the  beginning of each tenancy.  
  • Regular inspections of the Property are carried out on a quarterly basis. Responsibility for and management of empty property is not normally included   and will only be carried out by special arrangement. 
  • Co-ordination of repair or maintenance including arranging for tradesmen to   attend the  Property and obtaining estimates where necessary, supervising  works and settling accounts from rents received. 
  • Making payments on behalf of the Landlord from rents received. 
  • Carrying out a full property inspection and inventory check (if applicable) at the   end of the tenancy and dealing with matters relating to unfair wear and tear   before releasing the tenant's deposit.



The Tenant Find Service Includes:

  • Accompanied viewing, advising as to the likely rental income,  advertising and generally marketing the property. Interviewing  prospective tenants and taking up full references including bank, employer, previous landlord and character references.  When necessary, additional security would be requested by means of a guarantor.  
  • Preparing the Tenancy Agreement and corresponding Notice necessary for the  Landlord to gain protection of the relevant Rent & Housing Acts.
  • Taking a deposit & one calendar months rent from the tenant. The fee is payable at the commencement of the Tenancy and will be deducted from monies received by the Agent on the Landlord's behalf. If the  tenant leaves prior to the end of the term of the Tenancy, the Landlord shall not be entitled to reimbursement of any fees paid.
  • Although the aim is to take every care in managing the Property, G&K Estates cannot accept responsibility for non payment of  rent or other default by tenants, or any associated  legal costs incurred in their collection. Our Rent & Legal policy is recommended for this eventuality.


The Intro Service

Advertising your property and introducing a tenant to you



Quality properties attract quality tenants and better rents. It is important that the tenants should feel comfortable in their temporary home, and that they are receiving value for their money.

Here are some guidelines to make the whole process so much easier.


General Conditions
Electrical, gas, plumbing waste, central heating and hot water systems must be safe, sound and in good working order. Repairs and maintenance are the landlord’s responsibility and expense unless misuse can be

If appliances are to be left they must be in working order and have an up to date P.A.T test sticker. Any gas appliance left have to be checked by a CORGI registered operator this must be done every year.

Interior décor should be in good condition, and preferably plain, light and  neutral. This will give a good impression when prospective tenants view the  property, it also gives a bench mark when tenants take up the tenancy and will help if there are any problems when the  tenancy comes to an end and the deposit has to be returned.

Personal Items
Personal possessions, ornaments, pictures, books etc. to be removed from the premises, especially those of value or sentimental value.

Gardens should be left neat and tidy and rubbish free, with all lawns cut.  Tenants are required to maintain the garden to a reasonable standard, and leaving the necessary tools leaves them with no excuse. However if you have a large garden or a garden to match the Chelsea flower show you may wish to arrange for a gardener to visit.

At the commencement of the tenancy the property must be in a clean condition, all carpets cleaned, bathrooms cleaned, kitchens wiped down. At the end of the tenancy the tenant must leave the property in the same  condition as they found it. If they do not cleaning is arranged at their expense.


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